Pooya Khajei

He grew up in a family of architects, where his father and older sister are also architects. He had finished his bachelors degree in 2012 and masters in 2014 in Iran. He Continued his career in his father’s office in Iran. To acquire more experience in his career, he decided to go to Istanbul and continue with leading design studios as a Designer and visualization artist.

Shadow architects was founded in Jan 2018 by Pouya Khajeie in Istanbul. The aim of opening the office is offering interior and exterior architectural design service in 3d format. As an Istanbul based design firm, Shadow Architects offers design solutions that will enhance human and space relationship by acknowledging space as an entity interacting with its inhabitants. Each and every day, the conditions of spaces we inhabit change along with its requirements and demands. As Shadow Architects we take pride in anticipating these changes and aligning them with the requirements of our clients.

We always keep in mind that “every project” is unique, “every space” is exclusive and in Shadow Architects, we consider ourselves partners with our clients.

What we do

Interior design

Nowadays psychologists realized that interior design can enhance humans mental happiness and therefor decorating and designing a nice living environment is crucial.

Exterior design

Buildings and specifically their exterior look plays and important role in a city's beauty. Also nice exterior can encourage potential customers to purchase a flat or apartment.

3D Illustration

Computers have enabled us to see things before they have built. This is useful in many ways. For instance, customers can decide weather they like the appearance of their property or not.

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